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Genuine Bosch Car Battery 0092S30120 S3012 Type 017 / 024 88Ah 740CCA Quality

Genuine Bosch Car Battery 0092S30120 S3012 Type 017 / 024 88Ah 740CCA Quality
Genuine Bosch Car Battery 0092S30120 S3012 Type 017 / 024 88Ah 740CCA Quality
Genuine Bosch Car Battery 0092S30120 S3012 Type 017 / 024 88Ah 740CCA Quality
Genuine Bosch Car Battery 0092S30120 S3012 Type 017 / 024 88Ah 740CCA Quality

Genuine Bosch Car Battery 0092S30120 S3012 Type 017 / 024 88Ah 740CCA Quality

Same day dispatch if ordered before 3:00pm Monday to Friday. Genuine Bosch Car Battery 0092S30120 S3012 Type 017 / 024 88Ah 740CCA. Bosch S3 batteries with PowerFrame® technology. The S3 battery line offers first-class Bosch quality for a variety of requirements and vehicle types.

PowerFrame® technology ensures a longer service life and an excellent cold starting performance. This is a conventional battery which only suitable for vehicles without stop-start technology. If your car is fitted with stop-start, you must fit an EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) or AGM (Absorbant Glass Matt) type battery.

Maximum reliability thanks to double backfire protection, which protects the battery from sparks even during transport and when tilted. Sealed battery cover prevents leakage of electrolyte. Ergonomic handles for simple installation and easy transport. Please check battery type, dimensions, terminal polarity, and terminal type against the battery being replaced. Even if the battery shows as being compatible with your vehicle, there can sometimes be more than one option depending on individual vehicle specifications.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee vehicle fitment using vehicle details alone. Made for Cars with Basic Power Needs. For older cars with manually operated windows, a standard source of power is perfectly adequate. But here again it is best to go for top Bosch quality. The S3 model series provide reliable car batteries to suit all requirements and makes of vehicle.

Their PowerFrame® technology not only allows fast, low-resistance charging and discharging, it also makes it possible to achieve a much longer service life, a higher capacity and outstanding cold starting power. PowerFrame® technology in Bosch S3 batteries. The grid is of crucial importance for a battery's performance and reliability. The patented PowerFrame® offers considerable advantages over conventional grids, and is responsible for an optimum flow of electricity. Bosch S3 batteries therefore impress with their outstanding starting power and longer service life. More power right from the start: Advantages of PowerFrame® technology. Prevents grid growth and corrosion at the edges and so damage to the separator, or short circuits caused by the grid making contact with the negative plate. PowerFrame® patented grid technology is up to 66% more durable and more corrosion-resistant than other grid designs. The PowerFrame® grid design provides superior cranking power with up to 70% better electrical flow than other grid technologies. The rigid, precise structure ensures excellent adhesion of the active material to the grid and permits low-resistance, rapid charging and discharging of the battery. In contrast to conventional grids, there is no brittleness arising from mechanical deformation during production. PowerFrame® manufacturing uses 20% less energy and produces 20% fewer greenhouse gases than other manufacturing methods. More lead is applied to the areas subject to a higher load: the grid is more hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion. Grid designed for optimum flow. In this innovative design, the grid bars lead directly to the plate link. The low flow resistance ensures optimum conductivity and the fastest possible supply of power to the electrical device. The SAE J240 (75 °C) life test shows that.

The stamped grid (right) exhibits minimal corrosion with virtually no loss of conductivity. In the grid on the left, the material between the alloy grains has suffered corrosion, resulting in a weak flow of current and a shorter service life. PowerFrame® in comparison with a conventional grid.

0 093 S58 50F, 0 180 658 50F, 585 015 076, 588403074, 8B, 8BN. 0 585 15 310, 1 585 15 310, 2 585 015 076 302, 585 015 076 3022, 585 015 076 3100, 585 015 076 3172, 588 403 074 3122, F5. Compatible with the following OEM references.

61211382949, 61212158642, 61218363909, 61218363910, 61218363911, 61218363912, 61218381751, 61218381752, 61218381754, 61218381755, 61218381757, 61219069482. 12772107FR, 22859692GP, 24446353, 9201472, 93197903. 09175245EK, 09194916EK, 09201472ES, 1201302, 1201303, 1201305, 1201330, 12772107FR, 19001900, 22859692GP, 24446353, 24446353ES, 6201305, 91158373, 9201472, 93197903. 19001900, 91131978, 91157120, 91158373, 91158373ES, 9201472, 93197903. Bosch's portfolio of products is steeped in OE quality and provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of OE aftermarket parts, Bosch's continual investment in research and development allows it to be the worlds largest supplier of cutting edge automotive technology.

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  • Brand: Bosch
  • Manufacturer Part Number: S3012
  • MPN: S3012
  • EAN: 4047023479457
  • Type: Starter Battery
  • Function: Starter Battery
  • Extra Description: S3
  • Length: 353 mm
  • Height: 175 mm
  • Width: 175 mm
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Ampere-Hours: 88 Ah
  • Post Positions: 0
  • Cold-test Current, EN: 740 A
  • Hold-down Type: B13
  • Terminal Type: 1
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: ACDelco: 2785, 2790P, M85T7, ASTON MARTIN: AD4310655AA, AUDI: 8D0915105J, BANNER: 58820, P8820, BMW: 61211382949, BMW: 61212158642, 61218363909, 61218363910, 61218363911, BMW: 61218363912, 61218381751, 61218381752, 61218381754, BMW: 61218381755, 61218381757, 61219069482, BOSCH: 0093S5850F, BOSCH: 018065850F, 585015076, 588403074, 8B, 8BN, CHEVROLET: 12772107FR, 22859692GP, 24446353, 9201472, 93197903, CLAAS: 1777940, DELPHI: BE08527, S90AL, DETA: DB852, EXIDE: 58515, EB852, FIAT: 59068176, FORD: 1135514, 7M0915105C, FULMEN: 085636A-A, EQUIPAL1, FB852, HOLDEN: 9201472, JAGUAR: 02C2P24168, 6W8310655AA, 6W8310655CC, C2P24168, LAND ROVER: 02C2P24168, 6W8310655CC, C2P24168, LUCAS ELECTRICAL: 58424, MAGNETI MARELLI: ETS85D, OPEL: 09175245EK, 09194916EK, 09201472ES, 1201302, 1201303, OPEL: 1201305, 1201330, 12772107FR, 19001900, 22859692GP, OPEL: 24446353, 24446353ES, 6201305, 91158373, 9201472, 93197903, ROMBAT: PB588, SogefiPro: 500AV, L5B85, SONNAK: SB852, TOYOTA: 28800-YZZIF, 28800YZZHW, TUDOR: 58515, TB852, TST920, VARTA: 058515310, 158515310, 2585015076302, 5850150763022, VARTA: 5850150763100, 5850150763172, 5884030743122, F5, VAUXHALL: 19001900, 91158373ES, 91131978, 91157120, 91158373, VAUXHALL: 9201472, 93197903, VOLVO: 30659796, VW: 000915105AH, VW: 8D0915105J, YUASA: 024, YBX1017, YBX3017
  • Unit Quantity: 1

Genuine Bosch Car Battery 0092S30120 S3012 Type 017 / 024 88Ah 740CCA Quality